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We are your one-stop shop for TV, Film & Drone Video Production in Northern Ireland

We use video to catch your audience and communicate your brand. Helping businesses with a story to tell reach millions so they boost sales. Promoting organisations, products or services by using our many years of experience by shooting crisp 4k images and editing them to a professional standard so we deliver high-end video content that stands out from the rest.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to showcase your brand’s culture to the world. Through the creation of video content we catch your audience and communicate your message. Whether you are a growing business or a global leader, our intention is that we will find and support you in expressing your story in an authentic and engaging way. We believe remarkable organisations deserve remarkable films

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We needed to create a high-quality video piece to be screened at a high-profile online event. I felt I could hand the project over and leave it with Chris to manage. Now we have a beautiful piece of work to showcase at our event.

Suzi McIlwain, Business In The Community

Our Team - The Belfast Video Production Experts

We believe in a diverse range of personnel to bring creative skills, thoughts, and ideas to the table.

Chris Eva
Megan Johnston
Camera Operator / Editor
Ronan Grant
Camera Operator / Editor

Frequently Asked

How much does it cost to have a video produced?

Videos are priced individually for each project and are based on the information you include in your video brief and the services you require.

We may need to budget for planning meetings, location visits, scripting, and storyboarding. The length of the project, the location and the number of people needed are also factors affecting the price. After the footage is captured the complexity of the edit and the number of videos needed will also need to be considered when thinking about price.

As well as one-off or pay as you go video production rates, we also provide a subscription service which offers a reduced rate according to your commitment.

How does Video Production work?

We can walk you through the entire video production process, from beginning to end, whether you're searching for a creative video to promote your company or organisation, a production team to cover your event, a documentary to share your story, or you want to generate a series of training videos, we would love to work with you.

Clients big and small, we want you to be happy with your video, therefore we work closely with you throughout production, listening to feedback and tailoring everything to your vision.

What skills do video producers need?

Video producers need creative vision, you can tell one story a hundred different ways. Beyond creative vision, video producers should have the following skills

  • Strong organisation skills for handling strict deadlines
  • Strong communication abilities to work with clients and a production team
  • Attention to detail in all aspects of the process
  • Alert to stories and moments that inspire
  • A talent for storytelling and a creative eye
  • Patience and persistence to work through the production process

From beginning to end, a video producer organises and oversees a variety of video production processes. In a nutshell, a producer can assist with creative direction,

What is Event Videography?

Today, it’s close to impossible to hold an event without leaving a trace of it in the digital world. Event videography is a way to capture your event in a way that people will remember it. Whether you are holding a large corporate event or a small birthday gathering, event videography can transport people back to that important occasion, making sure it’s remembered forever.

Additionally, event videography enables sharing with a much wider audience than the event could possibly accommodate, so no-one misses out. From capturing your whole event from start to finish or producing a short highlight reel, it is a powerful marketing tool and can share what you do and what you stand for in an authentic engaging way.

As Belfast's Leading Production Company, We Offer The Following Services

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Corporate Video Production Belfast
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Video Production in Northern Ireland
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Videographer Belfast
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Charity Video Production Belfast
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Product Video Production in Belfast
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Explainer Video Production Belfast
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Educational Video Production Belfast
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Health and Safety Video Production Belfast
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Voiceovers for Video Production Belfast
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TV Programme Production Belfast
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Commercial Video Production Belfast
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Short Film Video Production Belfast

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