Event Videos

Create a legacy for your event.

A video is an excellent way for attendees to relive a memorable day or to inspire those who were unable to attend to come along next time.

Building more publicity around your next event is crucial, using content from previous events to promote your next one will help encourage your customers to come to your next event. You will be able to capture the best moments to promote what else is to come.

Capturing elements like testimonials is important, getting your own audience to talk highly of you and how much they enjoyed the event that took place will help build a stronger level of trust between you and a new customer.

From a two-minute highlights video to comprehensive coverage including individual session recordings, we are here to serve. We have the event filming personnel and the tools necessary to cover any event, whether it be a one-day festival, sporting event, or week long conference. For your video to receive high engagement, we can also provide sameday and next-day edits.

How to make the most of live event video shoots

Events can be unpredictable, so you need to be prepared for anything, you only have one opportunity to get your event filming right. We understand that planning is essential to a successful event shoot and work with your beforehand to make sure we know what you need.

You also must think about the audience who is going to view your event video, how will they view it and what you want them to do after watching it.

Why create an event video?

Having an event video is a valuable asset; it can be added to your company’s showreel when producing future videos and looking back in time. Event videos can be hosted on your internal communications for your personnel to see as well as circulated on social media to give a flavour of what the event was like. You can then use this footage to market future events.

Business in the Community Encirc event taken by Subculture Media

Event Video FAQs

Chris and his team were professional from the start, they took the time to really understand the needs of the production and TED as an organisation. This resulted in the videos being top quality and all uploaded to the TED platform with ease. I enjoyed the friendly confident way the team worked on the day and the dedication to ensuring I was at ease with the production as well as the speakers.

Emma Weaver, Mental Wealth International

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