News gathering is time-critical. Seconds count.

News gatherers are increasingly sent to remote locations, often for days at a time during a developing story. But, with a recent pandemic and travel restrictions using local crew to cover events has proved the easier option.

We provide a variety of services to enable high quality broadcast packages. Our crews have worked for Channel 4 News, CNN and Ruptly working with them to send packages and transmit live using LiveU technology making it easier than ever to reach remote locations and be ready to get on air at a moment’s notice.

Video Format and Style for News Reports

News items and reports are video formats used in TV. They vary between TV stations and are still evolving. The style depends on the owner of the station (national or private), the editorial policy, budget, and many other factors.

Ideal Length of a News Report

A TV news item lasts between 30 seconds and three minutes usually. A report can be up to an hour long, and explores the topic in more detail and from several different angles. It can include longer statements from a number of people people, more video footage and complex graphics.

TV news can react quickly to a developing situation quickly. A News feature takes more time to investigate and prepare, shoot and edit.

Breaking News

Daily TV news is produced frequently – old news is no news. That’s why it’s important to be up to date on developing stories, or even ‘break’ the story first. This is especially the case for people working for a TV station or news website.

How a News Story is Typically Covered

A journalist would usually get the task or permission to cover a story from an editor at the beginning of the day. Editors are invited to many events and press conferences. They also monitor developing events and areas they have a particular interest in, and develop ideas for news items that may be interesting for viewers. Editors are often open to proposals from their journalists and sometimes ask them to research stories themselves.

Once a journalist has a story to cover, a crew needs to form – usually made up of the journalist, a camera operator, and sometimes a sound and/or lights technician too. The journalist does the research, contacts the relevant people and develops a concrete idea of what has to be filmed. The crew then goes out to gather the necessary material. This normally happens early in the day to give the journalist enough time to write the voice-over lines and select the interview answers he or she wants to include.

TV crews filming outside Laganside Courts in Belfast

The Subculture Media News Team

Our team can provide high-impact global news content for online and broadcast audiences. We can provide camera and sound crew along with fixers and producers to deliver raw footage or edited packages across politics, entertainment, sports, royals and more.


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