The National Lottery Heritage

The Brief

The brief for the Heritage Thank You Film was to produce a vibrant montage expressing gratitude to National Lottery players for their contributions to heritage projects. The film, intended for social media, features diverse individuals from these projects, all thanking Lottery players. It aims to be lively and engaging, with a quick, upbeat rhythm to resonate with viewers and highlight the positive impact of their support.

The Approach

Our approach to the Heritage Thank You Film involved creating a dynamic and engaging montage that utilized archival footage from the Heritage Fund. We carefully selected clips that showcased the diversity and impact of heritage projects funded by National Lottery players. By editing these clips in a fast- paced, snappy style, we infused the film with energy and fun, ensuring it would capture the attention of viewers on social media. The upbeat and tasteful music selection further amplified the lively atmosphere of the film, making it a joyful expression of gratitude towards the National Lottery players. Our goal was to craft a film that not only thanked the players but also highlighted the vibrant and positive outcomes of their contributions in an entertaining and memorable way

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