Harry And The Art Of Flight

The Brief

In collaboration with the Ulster Scots Agency and NI Screen, our project embarked on producing a series of five films that delve into the life and pioneering work of Harry Ferguson, focusing especially on his initial aviation endeavours in Ireland. This initiative aimed to not just recount historical events but to champion the significant contributions of individuals from an Ulster Scots background, showcasing their impact on both local and global stages.

To enrich our narrative and ensure its authenticity, we were fortunate to partner with the acclaimed filmmaker John T. Davis. Utilising his extensive archive, we crafted our films to narrate Ferguson's story through his own words, thereby providing a genuine and compelling portrayal of his experiences and innovations. This collaboration with Davis not only added depth to our films but also highlighted the ingenuity and spirit of the Ulster Scots community, celebrating their enduring influence and the legacy of one of their most notable figures, Harry Ferguson. Through this project, we sought to honour the Ulster Scots heritage and its prominent personalities, ensuring their contributions are recognised and appreciated far and wide

The Approach

In crafting this project for school leavers with an interest in engineering, we focused on bringing Harry Ferguson's engineering legacy to life through his own words, sourced from personal letters and Flight Magazine articles. This approach aimed to provide an authentic and relatable insight into Ferguson's contributions to engineering.

To make complex engineering principles accessible, we integrated animations that explain the mechanics of flight and aircraft operation, inspired by Ferguson's innovations. This visual aid was designed to demystify technical concepts and spark curiosity in young minds.

Our content was developed to support and enrich the engineering curriculum, making it a valuable learning tool that extends beyond traditional classroom settings. Interactive elements were also incorporated to cater to different learning styles, enhancing engagement through quizzes and interactive diagrams.

While the project's main focus was on engineering, we subtly included aspects of Ulster Scots heritage to honuor Ferguson's background. Collaboration with experts in education, history, and engineering ensured the content was both informative and inspiring for students stepping into the world of engineering.

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