The Brief

Our task was to produce an engaging video that showcased their recent warehouse extension, emphasising the expansion's impressive scale and the advanced machinery it houses. Central to this video was the captivating drone footage that offered an expansive aerial view of the new facilities, effectively highlighting the modern infrastructure integral to Woodmarque's operations.

The Approach

In our approach to the Woodmarque project, we aimed to craft a video that showcased the remarkable scale and technological advancements of their recent warehouse expansion. Central to our narrative was the aerial drone footage, providing a sweeping view of the new facilities that underscored the modern infrastructure and vastness of the space. Complementing this aerial perspective, we integrated ground footage that put a spotlight on the sophisticated machinery at work, highlighting the operational efficiency and innovation that Woodmarque prides itself on.

To enrich the visual storytelling, we utilised Woodmarque's own extensive library of still images. These images were carefully selected to add depth to the narrative, showcasing various aspects of the company's operations, history, and the people behind the machinery. Opting for a caption-led approach, we employed text overlays to offer context and guide viewers through the video, seamlessly integrating these still images to enhance the narrative without the need for interviews.

Tailored for inclusion on Woodmarque's website, this video was designed to be a dynamic representation of the company's growth and capabilities. The combination of drone footage, ground-level shots, and Woodmarque's archival images, along with informative captions, provided a comprehensive and engaging overview of the expanded operations, aimed at captivating the website's visitors and effectively communicating Woodmarque's position as a leader in the manufacturing sector.

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