Ivanhoe Hotel

The Brief

The brief for the Ivanhoe Hotel project was to create a video that guides viewers through the hotel's bar, restaurant, and rooms, showcasing the unique customer experience each area offers. The aim was to highlight the welcoming ambiance, culinary excellence, and comfortable accommodations that define the Ivanhoe Hotel. This video was designed to visually entice potential guests, emphasiSing the hotel's commitment to hospitality and the overall quality of the guest experience.

The Approach

In our approach to the Ivanhoe Hotel video, we meticulously crafted a cinematic narrative that mirrored a guest's journey through the hotel, employing actors to bring this experience to life. Each scene was filmed sequentially, following the natural progression of a customer's visit—from the inviting atmosphere of the bar to the refined dining experience in the restaurant, and finally to the tranquility of the hotel rooms. We chose a cinematic shooting style to capture the essence of the Ivanhoe Hotel, with slow-motion sequences enhancing the sense of luxury and attention to detail that characterises each space. This methodical, scene-by-scene depiction was designed to immerse viewers in the experience, showcasing the hotel's commitment to excellence in hospitality

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