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Video is now the most engaging type of content on social media - give it a go!

Today, social media is a powerful and a brilliant tool when used correctly. Our social media video production services will make sure it has the highest chance of receiving the most engagement, whether it's for entertainment, an emotive story, or a straightforward instructional video.

Why use Video on Social Media?

Video is extremely easy to consume and today people willingly choose to absorb video content any free moment they get. Even more reason for your video to stand out among the others and grab attention! The first few seconds are the most important when it comes to social media videos. Fail to interest the viewer in the first couple of seconds and you will be swiped away.

Does Age Affect Video Consumption on Social Media?

Generation Z now makes up 40% of all consumers and social media video content is the way they consume the majority of their information and advertising. According to a 2019 study, the typical Gen Z consumer watches videos online for an astounding 3.4 hours per day. An audience that has been difficult to reach in the past is now a great window of opportunity for companies

Using Video to Showcase Your Brand

Brands can clearly communicate to customers who they are, what they stand for, and where they're going by using video content. Brands can utilise video to demonstrate personality, reframe current narratives, and even change their company's positioning.

A serious charity, for instance, might employ video to display their funnier, lighter side. Similar to this, a major brand may decide to run a video campaign to appeal to a wider audience. It’s easier and more authentic to convey your voice and identity through video.

Video Data to Inform Advertising and Personal Marketing

Engaged viewers might be led on a user experience that is fully based on how they typically watch videos. A viewer who has seen only a portion of a video, for instance, could receive data or calls to action based on the fact they stopped viewing the video.

By using the video data, you can sell to viewers who have finished watching videos appropriately, and also send targeted information to those who have stopped watching videos sooner.

Having worked with SubCulture Productions I was extremely impressed with the professional approach from the get go. The attention paid was superb and the delivery of the end product was prompt and of very high quality. I highly recommend them.

Pat Slattery, Pat Slattery International

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