Why You Should Use Storytelling in Video Marketing

October 1, 2022

When starting to do video marketing for your business, the goal is to engage potential clients. In turn, they will notice you and get curious about what you can offer them, leading to sales later on.

Before you hit the record button on your camera, what’s the plan? How will you ensure that customers are fully engaged from start to finish? There are lots of videos on the Internet now, people can easily click away if they find a video boring
The solution is to make your videos stand out. And the best way to achieve that is through storytelling in your video marketing.
Our brains are hardwired to listen to stories.

For the longest time, people have exchanged information through talking to each other. Values and morals have been passed through stories. Family histories have been passed on through stories. Even products get advertised for free through the stories of satisfied customers.

Storytelling is powerful. It engages the mind as well as all the senses. When you use storytelling in your video marketing, it makes your videos all the more powerful in conveying a message which lead to more engagement and sales.

With storytelling, video marketing does not feel like marketing. Video marketing that don’t tell stories don’t engage the audience. They just dump information onto people, and that’s it. These kinds of videos have no emotional connection to the audience.

That’s what makes storytelling different – it connects with the audience. Stories pander to people’s deepest emotions, making them remember the message and product much better. When they watch videos with compelling stories, they will listen and remember.

Take a look at the videos of the world-famous content creator Nusseir Yassin, popularly known as Nas Daily. His videos are short, yet they get millions of views because of how they are created. They tell powerful stories of people from around the world.

Before you hit record, plan your storyboard. Think about what story you want to tell your audience. It could be the story of how your company started, and how you got to where you are today.

Or it could be the story of how you designed your products.
That way, your audience will love watching your videos. They would not feel like you’re pushing a product on them.

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