Why We Use Drones For Video Marketing

December 1, 2022

In decades past, aerial shots were complicated to achieve. You would need to put a cameraman in a helicopter, use long cranes, or have camera crews climb high towers. High-angle shots were expensive, risky, and difficult to set up.

Today, that’s no longer the case. Thanks to drones, you can take aerial shots almost anytime, anywhere. All you need – aside from the drone – is enough open space to fly it and the skills required to get the perfect shot.
There are even drones that nearly fit the palm of your hand, such as the DJI MINI 2. You can control them easily through a smartphone app, and you can bring it with you almost anywhere.

Drone shots are very useful for adding that wow factor to your film. Here are some of their applications:

Showcasing full 360-degree views of buildings;

If you have a property or rental business, it’s important to show clients what units look like in their entirety. For shots of the outside of a business and its vicinity, drones can do wonders. You can fly the drone around a building, for example, and take it further to get footage of the front, back and adjacent angles.
You can also use drone footage to film the interiors of large buildings. Let’s say you have a factory, and you want people to see what goes on inside, with the right equipment and protocols in place you can fly a drone through the factory while everyone is working, and show people how everything works;

Covering live outdoor events with ease;

Outdoor events look a lot more spectacular with drone shots from above as those views showcase everyone who’s at the event. Videos like that can easily show the scale of the occasion, which is an important marketing tool, especially for event planners. No need for expensive and potentially dangerous crane cams;

Stunning bird’s eye views of landscapes;

Drones are the best way to get breathtaking shots of large landscapes. If you’re, say, a resort owner or wanting to set the scene for your next brand film, you can show the beauty of your property or location to customers with ease. One flight of a drone by a shoreline or shots of hills on an early morning sunrise is enough to make a captivating preview to engage viewers in your video.

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