Using Video For Training

November 1, 2022

Due to the continuous COVID-19 restrictions, many companies have been taking advantage of video for purposes other than marketing. Now, many are using video extensively to train their teams. No need to gather everyone on site; you can conduct training despite the physical distance.

With video, your teams can also watch on-demand, on their own time. They can repeat the videos as many times as they need to. Thus, you can save time and effort compared to face-to-face seminars.

There are lots of ways your business can use video for training purposes. Here are three effective methods to consider.

Product Demos

Video is the best way to show people how to use a product. Whether it’s your employees or customers, video demos are always great teaching tools. For best results, your product demo video should present step-by-step instructions for using your product correctly. You may also include tips for care and maintenance. You could even create DIY repair videos for your products. Your clients will surely love those.

Site Tours

To save you time in showing new staff around, you could just create a video tour of your entire premises. That way, you could hasten employee onboarding and free up time for your recruitment team. Additionally, you can show these video tours to potential clients, so they have an idea what your facilities look like.

Quick Tips

Video is a great way to introduce new employees to the best practises of your business. Film your more experienced employees, and have them briefly tell what they do to get their work done in the best possible ways. These quick tips videos should cover only one topic and be 3 minutes or shorter. You can put lots of these videos together in a series, with each video being a bite-sized piece of advice.

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