Expanding Horizons: Offering Exclusive LiveU Services in Dublin and Belfast

December 3, 2023

In the evolving landscape of live broadcasting across the island of Ireland, our Video Marketing Agency stands out by providing a unique and invaluable service. We offer broadcasters and content creators an alternative avenue for live coverage, complete with an experienced team of cameramen and a dedicated agency on the ground. Our expertise in leveraging LiveU technology enhances our capability to meet the specific live broadcasting needs of our clients, setting us apart in a market where such independent services are scarce.

LiveU Services: A Unique Proposition in Dublin and Belfast

Our strategic deployment of LiveU technology in Dublin and Belfast offers broadcasters an unparalleled advantage. This cutting-edge capability allows us to deliver live footage with exceptional reliability and quality, directly from the heart of Ireland's most vibrant cities. Whether it's covering a significant event, breaking news, or a cultural celebration, our independent operation ensures a flexible and responsive service, tailored to the unique requirements of each broadcaster.

On-the-Ground Expertise: Our Competitive Edge

What truly sets us apart is not just our technology, but our people. Our team of skilled cameramen and production professionals are deeply rooted in the communities of Dublin and Belfast. This local insight, combined with our independent status, allows us to navigate the complexities of live broadcasting in these cities with an agility that affiliated providers can't always match.

Success Stories: Demonstrating Impact and Reliability

Dublin's Presidential Visit: Our coverage of President Biden's visit to Dublin showcased our ability to handle high-profile events with finesse, ensuring broadcasters received live, uninterrupted feeds capturing the significance and atmosphere of the occasion.

Success Stories

Belfast's Historic Milestone: Leveraging LiveU technology, we provided live coverage of the Good Friday Agreement anniversary in Belfast, bringing audiences worldwide into the heart of the city's commemorative events, highlighting its enduring legacy and peace.

Dublin's Unforeseen Challenges: In the wake of unexpected riots in Dublin, our team's rapid response and deployment of a LiveU unit allowed us to deliver real-time updates and comprehensive reporting from the scene, proving indispensable to broadcasters needing dependable, on-the-ground coverage.

While we pride ourselves on our independence, our approach is deeply collaborative. We work hand-in-hand with broadcasters, ensuring that our LiveU services complement and enhance their existing capabilities. This cooperative mindset enables us to integrate seamlessly into broader broadcasting strategies, providing a flexible and reliable live coverage solution that respects the distinct needs of each partner.

As Dublin and Belfast continue to be the backdrop for stories that captivate and resonate, our Digital Video Marketing Agency remains dedicated to offering broadcasters an exclusive service that combines local expertise with world-class LiveU technology. Our independent operation provides a fresh perspective and a responsive approach to live broadcasting, enriching the media landscape on the island of Ireland.

Elevate your live broadcasting capabilities with a partner that offers not just technology, but a deep understanding of Dublin and Belfast's unique landscape. Join forces with our skilled team and leverage our exclusive LiveU services to bring real-time stories to your audience with authenticity and impact. Reach out today to explore how we can support your live coverage needs in Ireland

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