Keenan Recruitment

The Brief

In most events, it is common to take photos and videos to celebrate the occasion. Most of the time, videography is used to cover these occasions. Kennan Recruitment contacted us as they wanted to capture the celebration around their 10 year anniversary. Proud of growing a successful business over the last 10 years they felt it was important to document the event so they could share it with clients and showcase the work they do the local business community.

The Approach

Kennan gave us creative freedom to come up with an angle to approach the project with. We spoke regularly to make sure we were all the same page before going into production. We felt it was important to use the opportunity to educate the viewers on how Kennan came to light, began to grow and secured themselves as one of the leading recruiters in the industry, all while capturing the atmosphere of the celebration event. We also came up with a plan to interview key staff and some past clients that have worked with Keenan over the years so we could structure the narrative the we wanted it and give Keenan
the credibility they rightly deserve.

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