Young Changemakers

The Brief

The brief for the Young Changemakers film project was to produce a short film, no longer than 6 minutes, that captured the essence of young individuals learning to embrace diversity and articulate their perspectives to unfamiliar peers, while documenting the "Young Changemakers" programme in schools from rural areas in NI and Ireland.

The Approach

In capturing the essence of Bespoke Communications "Young Changemakers" programme, we adopted an observational documentary (ob-doc) style, allowing us to authentically portray the participants' journey through at various schools in Northern Ireland and Ireland. We seized opportunities to conduct impromptu interviews with the young people, educators, and local business leaders involved, adding depth and personal perspectives to the narrative.

Our filming technique was intentionally up-close and personal, focusing on capturing genuine moments of interaction, learning, and emotional growth among the participants. This approach was aimed at fostering a connection with the audience, enabling viewers to feel the emotions and transformations experienced by the young changemakers as they progressed and presented their newfound understanding and skills in front of their peers and community.

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