SMK Creations

The Brief

Your company, product or service is brilliant. You know it, we know it, but does your audience know it too? Video testimonials or case studies are a powerful and persuasive way to build trust with your prospects using the most effective tools in your arsenal: your happy customers.

Both testimonials and in-depth case studies help get your business in front of potential customers, put them at ease and help them make informed decisions in an open, honest and cost-effective way.

We worked with SMK Creations on a series of video testimonials that were designed to tell stories that would appeal directly to their audience.

The Approach

We made sure to address the core benefits of the products and services that SMK Creations provide and demonstrated how their services have helped past customers overcome obstacles, all in an engaging story led approach.

"Chris has a great way about him, putting everyone at ease and making them feel comfortable in front of the camera. The videos are fantastic and have been well received by our clients. In fact, they have now turned into a very important part of our sales process. I will certainly be recommending Subculture Media to others in the future."
Stephen McKechnie, SMK Creations

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