The Brief

For the Age NI project, we were tasked with creating a video to illuminate the essence and impact of the 'Shared Lives' Service in Northern Ireland. This unique initiative promotes older individuals living with 'Shared Lives' Carers, who integrate them into their home, family, and community life, fostering independence and reducing isolation. The video's objective was to profile and promote the 'Shared Lives' service, aiming to attract more carers and demonstrate the service's value to funders and associated health bodies. Targeting potential carers, health professionals, and Age NI trustees, the video featured heartfelt interviews with a carer and an older person from Larne, showcasing the tangible benefits and positive experiences facilitated by the service. Further enriching the narrative, interviews with Age NI's 'Shared Lives' head and a Health Trust representative were included, alongside candid footage of shared activities, capturing the genuine connection and support fostered through this program.

The Approach

In approaching the Age NI 'Shared Lives' video project, we adapted the initial plan to film at the picturesque Railway Museum in Whitehead, providing a unique and engaging backdrop for the storytelling. Our filming included heartfelt interviews with a 'Shared Lives' carer and the older person they support, focusing on the profound benefits and positive changes they've experienced through this relationship. We also captured insights from Alison Milford, the Head of 'Shared Lives' at Age NI, and a representative from the Health Trust to provide a comprehensive view of the service's impact and its collaborative nature. The video was enriched with footage of the carer and older individual partaking in everyday activities within the museum's captivating setting, such as exploring the exhibits or sharing a moment over tea, illustrating the genuine companionship and shared experiences central to the 'Shared Lives' service. This change of location to the Railway Museum not only added visual interest but also highlighted the service's community integration aspect, making the video a compelling tool to promote the program, recruit new carers, and engage with stakeholders

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