Accidental Confectioner

The Brief

Online courses require a lot of preparation to get right. It’s hard to hard to launch a course these days as it’s a competitive space and so much content is available for free. Accidental Confectioner The Accidental Confectioner course is all about relaxing & losing yourself in baking & confectionery. It is not about you making the perfect bake & decorating show stopper cakes. Recipes have deliberately been kept simple to avoid adding stress & to help anyone knew to baking to achieve more easily, to boost confidence.

The Approach

After meeting with Accidental Confectioner several times we decided to create a series of online courses that explains their work flow and ideas for recipes in a quick and easy yet eye catching and engaging manner.

Sub-Culture are extremely well organised and know what they’re doing.  The whole team really seemed to get on together and work well together.

I was really impressed by the amount of effort they put in to make sure they were getting a good shot with the right lighting.  It didn’t feel awkward working with them at all and I had been so nervous before.

Catriona Briggs, The Accidental Confectioner

The Result

4 x online courses focusing on Cat’s favourites feel good foods. We used lots of shots of the prep, baking and decorating and matched it with a very natural delivery from Cat as she talks the viewer through the whole process.

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