Video is a great tool for marketing for many reasons. First of all, it establishes better trust with your prospects and clients. If they can see your face (or the face of someone from your team), they will feel a better connection with your business. Plus, using video gives your company a hint of personality, which makes it more relatable to people.

To achieve the goal of more sales, you need to be strategic with video creation. Here are three quick tips.

Tell your brand’s story

A brand story will give your clients a huge “why” to purchase your products or services. It will also give them a reason to choose you over your competitors.

When you make a video for your brand story, it should not be a hard sell. Rather, you need to create a narrative of how your company was born, what inspired you to start the business, and what you aim to deliver to your clients.

Create product demo videos

People would not buy anything they don’t understand. But if you educate your prospects on what your product or service can do for them, they would have more reason to make that purchase.

For this reason, it’s a great idea to create videos that demonstrate how your products work. That way, your customers will know how to use them even before they get the products.

Leverage social for behind-the-scenes clips

Take your customers right into your company with behind-the-scenes videos. Show them your company’s processes, how you build your products, and your company culture. That way, you give a sense of transparency to your customers. It’s also as if you’re making them part of your company too.

These simple tips can help your business thrive through video marketing. You may make the videos yourself, but bear in mind that the process often takes a lot of time and effort.

You’re much better off leaving video production to the professionals. That way, you don’t have to worry about the tedious video-making process. You can focus on growing your business and getting more sales.

Video marketing can do wonders for your business. It can obtain leads, drive engagement, and even boost sales down the line. In fact, video marketing is one of the most effective tools for businesses today. It may cost you something, but the return on your investment is huge.

Making videos comes at a price because of the effort required. You don’t just need a camera; you need a storyboard, a script, a cast, a setting, and many more. Just whipping out your phone and filming everything around you will not do the trick.

It’s always a good idea to hire a professional video production company to help you out. Here are a few reasons for you to consider.

Pros have the skills

While you may have a phone equipped with excellent optics, you may not have the talent to shoot captivating videos. If you hire creative professionals, though, you can ensure that the videos you envision will be created. They have the expertise to make stunning marketing videos that will drive results for your business.

Pros have the gear

When you hire professionals to take care of video production, you don’t have to buy cameras, lights, or microphones yourself. The kinds of equipment used to make great videos are expensive, so you can save on those costs by hiring a video producer instead.

Pros will cost you less

You could put together an entire media team for your company to make marketing videos. However, this will cost your business a fortune, especially if you hire people as full time employees. Not to mention having to purchase expensive equipment and investing time in sourcing staff for this role. Instead, if you outsource video production to professionals, you will have to spend much less. Often, the costs will be on a per project basis, so you don’t have to spend extra when you don’t have any video marketing campaigns planned yet.

In decades past, aerial shots were complicated to achieve. You would need to put a cameraman in a helicopter, use long cranes, or have camera crews climb high towers. High-angle shots were expensive, risky, and difficult to set up.

Today, that’s no longer the case. Thanks to drones, you can take aerial shots almost anytime, anywhere. All you need – aside from the drone – is enough open space to fly it and the skills required to get the perfect shot.
There are even drones that nearly fit the palm of your hand, such as the DJI MINI 2. You can control them easily through a smartphone app, and you can bring it with you almost anywhere.

Drone shots are very useful for adding that wow factor to your film. Here are some of their applications:

Showcasing full 360-degree views of buildings;

If you have a property or rental business, it’s important to show clients what units look like in their entirety. For shots of the outside of a business and its vicinity, drones can do wonders. You can fly the drone around a building, for example, and take it further to get footage of the front, back and adjacent angles.
You can also use drone footage to film the interiors of large buildings. Let’s say you have a factory, and you want people to see what goes on inside, with the right equipment and protocols in place you can fly a drone through the factory while everyone is working, and show people how everything works;

Covering live outdoor events with ease;

Outdoor events look a lot more spectacular with drone shots from above as those views showcase everyone who’s at the event. Videos like that can easily show the scale of the occasion, which is an important marketing tool, especially for event planners. No need for expensive and potentially dangerous crane cams;

Stunning bird’s eye views of landscapes;

Drones are the best way to get breathtaking shots of large landscapes. If you’re, say, a resort owner or wanting to set the scene for your next brand film, you can show the beauty of your property or location to customers with ease. One flight of a drone by a shoreline or shots of hills on an early morning sunrise is enough to make a captivating preview to engage viewers in your video.

Due to the continuous COVID-19 restrictions, many companies have been taking advantage of video for purposes other than marketing. Now, many are using video extensively to train their teams. No need to gather everyone on site; you can conduct training despite the physical distance.

With video, your teams can also watch on-demand, on their own time. They can repeat the videos as many times as they need to. Thus, you can save time and effort compared to face-to-face seminars.

There are lots of ways your business can use video for training purposes. Here are three effective methods to consider.

Product Demos

Video is the best way to show people how to use a product. Whether it’s your employees or customers, video demos are always great teaching tools. For best results, your product demo video should present step-by-step instructions for using your product correctly. You may also include tips for care and maintenance. You could even create DIY repair videos for your products. Your clients will surely love those.

Site Tours

To save you time in showing new staff around, you could just create a video tour of your entire premises. That way, you could hasten employee onboarding and free up time for your recruitment team. Additionally, you can show these video tours to potential clients, so they have an idea what your facilities look like.

Quick Tips

Video is a great way to introduce new employees to the best practises of your business. Film your more experienced employees, and have them briefly tell what they do to get their work done in the best possible ways. These quick tips videos should cover only one topic and be 3 minutes or shorter. You can put lots of these videos together in a series, with each video being a bite-sized piece of advice.

When starting to do video marketing for your business, the goal is to engage potential clients. In turn, they will notice you and get curious about what you can offer them, leading to sales later on.

Before you hit the record button on your camera, what’s the plan? How will you ensure that customers are fully engaged from start to finish? There are lots of videos on the Internet now, people can easily click away if they find a video boring
The solution is to make your videos stand out. And the best way to achieve that is through storytelling in your video marketing.
Our brains are hardwired to listen to stories.

For the longest time, people have exchanged information through talking to each other. Values and morals have been passed through stories. Family histories have been passed on through stories. Even products get advertised for free through the stories of satisfied customers.

Storytelling is powerful. It engages the mind as well as all the senses. When you use storytelling in your video marketing, it makes your videos all the more powerful in conveying a message which lead to more engagement and sales.

With storytelling, video marketing does not feel like marketing. Video marketing that don’t tell stories don’t engage the audience. They just dump information onto people, and that’s it. These kinds of videos have no emotional connection to the audience.

That’s what makes storytelling different – it connects with the audience. Stories pander to people’s deepest emotions, making them remember the message and product much better. When they watch videos with compelling stories, they will listen and remember.

Take a look at the videos of the world-famous content creator Nusseir Yassin, popularly known as Nas Daily. His videos are short, yet they get millions of views because of how they are created. They tell powerful stories of people from around the world.

Before you hit record, plan your storyboard. Think about what story you want to tell your audience. It could be the story of how your company started, and how you got to where you are today.

Or it could be the story of how you designed your products.
That way, your audience will love watching your videos. They would not feel like you’re pushing a product on them.

It's always good to be asked to shoot content for TV and this month we put our Inspire 2 drone to test with a range of shoots throughout Belfast for local TV station NVTV. We made the most of the beautiful weather we have been having to get some breathtaking images of Belfast's landmarks. We were also commissioned by Clifton House to produce 2 adverts to promote their tours they have available in Clifton House and Clifton Street Cemetery. These were interesting to film and we learned a lot about the history of Belfast in the process. From stories of  body snatchers in the cemetery to historic treaties and laws being created in the house, these tours are not to be missed.

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